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Free Guide: We have identified simple steps your company or department can take to prevent intrusions and data loss.


The Five Easiest Information Security Steps - click on each for a description

The ISP is the foundation for your data security and includes the major responsibilities and your operating rules. We provide an ISP for you which we can tailor to suit your needs. You will want to assign responsibility for individual items and steps.
You really don't know how to secure your critical data until you identify where it is and how it's defended. This inventory is an important task that insures that no important data items are left unprotected.
This semi-annual or annual training may be conducted in-house or by a third party, but should generally follow the outline we provide you. We also offer the course itself, in online form.
"Defense in Depth" means multiple layers of protection for your data stores, especially the most critical information. You may need three or four layers, such as locked doors, employee badges, passwords, etc. And one layer should usually involve human interaction or review.
There are many additional options for additional protection, including scans, assessments, software tools like Incident Detection Systems, Log Analyzers, and more. Some may be well worth the cost and effort.

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