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For many people, data security is complex, inconvenient, expensive, impossibly technical, and consistently bothersome. We can fix that.

We help you keep your data and systems safer, without disrupting your business or your budget.

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Why We Created Data Defender

We have worked with companies and organizations of all sizes, in all industries. We believe that many managers and executives would like to have better visibility, and better control, of their critical operating information and customer data. We hear their frustration over the high costs and complex technology involved in data security practices. We can see that, unfortunately, Information Security has become an IT responsibility, out of reach of the average operations manager or company executive. It doesn't have to be that way.

We partner with our clients and provide just the help they need. We can operate the cloud-based streamlined Data Defender on your behalf, or we can simply turn on your Data Defender subscription and get out of the way. You might designate a sole operator or allow your management team members to have individual accounts and consoles. It's your choice.

Policies, Practices, Tools in One Place

Data Defender organizes and manages your updated policies, practices, and security-related messaging. It also tracks and displays key performance measures and reminds you when it's time to perform critical tasks that keep your data safe.

Take the stress out of cybersecurity in your organization. Centralize and simplify your information security management and stay ahead of the curve. No programming, complex setup or experience is required.

Launch Your Cloud-Based Data Defender

How do companies and organizations use Data Defender? Here is a typical experience.

Getting Started

Data Defender Startup

The First Day    No installation or complex setup

After a quick online security self assessment we knew we needed to be more pro-active. We discovered Data Defender (we just call it "DD" now) and launched our account the same morning. We opened the helpful policy and guidelines documents within DD, including the sample Security Charter, The Information Security Policy, Best Practices, and the Data Inventory form. It all made sense right away so we tweaked everything to match our operating environment. Management signoff for our policies came a few days later, and we loaded our adjustments back into DD for viewing and downloading by other managers as needed.

Monthly or Quarterly

DD Console

A management review using the DD console and resources    Verifying, adjusting, and reviewing

Every month or so, or when we have time (candidly) we review the logs for recent web site and network scanning, as well as data backups. Scheduling future scans and data backups is also done regularly. We like to confirm that our policies and guidelines in DD are up-to-date, and often we refresh our data inventory sheet to reflect additions and changes. It's a good time to make sure that the future task schedule is appropriate, and to review the latest industry highlights provided by DD itself.

Weekly or As Needed


Regular operation, task review and analysis    Messages, performance, and action items

Every few days, on average, one or more authorized managers will open the DD cloud-based console and check messages, log backups, look for problems, and otherwise check up on the health of our security defenses. Are backups being completed? Are there urgent Action Items in the messages panel or performance graphs? What have the Web and Encryption scans revealed? Are there new threats that have to be dealt with? Is everything humming along normally? Task Schedule changes may be made and a manager may send messages through DD to other team members as well.

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