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Security Self-Assessment - Your Score

Your weighted self-assessment score is out of a possible 100. There is always room for improvement and there are simple steps you can take.

At a minimum, sign up for the free Data Defender program and strenghten your protections. You may also want to review the Top Ten defensive measures.

We will send you your self-assessment details and suggestions for improvement.

High Level Security Assessment

Do ANY of these apply to you?

  • We need to have a brief “discovery” conversation to identify options.
  • We could use help developing or reviewing a formal data security policy.
  • We could use a detailed plan for threat assessments and active security testing.
  • We are looking for scanning and testing to identify possible exposures.
  • We need to get our arms around the most critical risks and how to reduce them.
  • We want to reduce risks by providing Best Practices education for our end users.
  • We want to know what modern tools and systems are available for protecting our data.
Security assessment rules should be agreed on in advance.

Basic Data Security Check-Up

Low-cost review and guidance:

  • Review and suggest improvements to your Data Security Policy.
  • Review/develop your Security Testing Plan.
  • Perform vulnerability scans of your network and/or web applications.
  • Provide tips for "hardening" your devices, applications, and data storage.
  • Provide an online "Security Awareness" course highlighting end-user best practices.
  • Identify additional steps to improve overall security without disrupting operations.

A security assessment can point to needed changes.

Security Assessment Principles

  • System and data attack tactics should be similar to those used by actual hackers who have malicious intent.
  • All passive and active research steps, and all attempted attacks sould be performed only with permission from the client.
  • All penetration testing work will be done to the highest ethical standards, with no external agenda or purpose.
  • The privacy of all users, managers, and staff will be respected and no collected data or passwords will be published or distributed elsewhere.
  • Every effort is made to minimize or eliminate impact on current operations during the security testing.
  • Permission to access users, computers, data, and networks must be granted before any assessment work is begun.

Security assessment rules should be agreed on in advance.

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