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Cyber Insurance
Cyber Insurance helps cover the costs associated with cyber attacks and data breaches. However, many Cyber policies don’t cover Ransomware demands, Denial of Service attacks, and regulatory fines resulting from a breach. Companies concerned about the rising threats of cyber crime need to be careful when selecting a Cyber Insurance provider. A lack of standardization makes the choice even more difficult.
We don't sell Cyber insurance. But our friends at Embroker offer excellent Cyber Insurance policies and a web site full of important information on the topic.

Pleae visit Embroker.com to learn more.
Network Monitoring
A remote network monitoring service would include Intrusion Detection Software (IDS) or Intrusion Prevention Software (IPS) that notifies the monitoring company of an incident. It may be a cyber attack or an anomaly that warrants attention. Network monitoring would include a Help Desk and a NOC that operates on a 24-hour basis.
We don't offer a network monitoring service. But we do have the ability to discuss your network applications and technology, and to help you decide what kind of solution is the best match for your budget and operations.

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Advanced Technical and Cybersecurity Training
Online and in-person training is available on a wide range of technical topics, often related to information security. Many available courses are intended for IT professionals, and prepare learners for industry certifications such as "Certified Ethical Hacker". Other courses are aimed at end users and managers, and cover a wide array of topics, typically less technical than the IT certification courses.
We offer end-user "Security Awareness Training" - valuable online courses designed to prevent your users from making a mistake that could be costly. We do not offer the highly-technical training intended to prepare learners for an industry certification in data security. However, our partners at Global Knowledge offer an array of high-quality education on many technical subjects. They deliver in-person and online training for companies of all sizes.

Please visit GlobalKnowledge.com to see their vast catalog.

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