Cybersecurity Simplified

Easy Steps To Avoid Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks

Data Defender Program Risk Management Application

Risk Assistant: Our Non-Technical Risk Management Application

Our groundbreaking cloud-based tool lets you compare cyber threats with various measures and defenses, and evaluate your overall risk profile.

We provide simplified Cybersecurity guidelines, best practices, defensive measures and education. We call it the Data Defender program, and it's free. Along with our Risk Assistant application, it helps you protect your critical data, without disrupting your operations.

Data Defender: Easy security guidelines that everyone can use.

Utilize an up-to-date customized Information Security Policy

The ISP lays the foundation for all your improved data security practices and operations.

Use just as much of our framework as you need

Guidelines, templates, initial steps, scans and assessments are all available to find and reduce risk.

Data Breaches and hacking incidents are on the rise.

Show your management and stakeholders you are being proactive when it comes to protecting your company's systems and data.

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See How It works

A quick overview shows you the components that help protect you from a cyber attack or data breach.

Easy Ways To Get Started

At the very least, enroll in the Data Defender program to cover the basics. And consider utilizing a risk management application to demonstrate positve action and evaluate your risk profile. Don't forget our high-level assessment to see just where you stand today.

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Data Defender

Includes 5 Easiest Steps, 7 Best Practices, Data Inventory Template, Information Security Policy, and a Security Assessment.

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Risk Assistant

Our Risk Management application. Manage cyber risks by identifying and deploying appropriate defensive measures.

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High Level Assessment

Your network and servers may be secure, but you could still use an outside assessment. A short survey will start the process.

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