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Streamlined Cybersecurity education, planning, assessment, monitoring, and testing

It is said that there are two kinds of companies and organizations: those who have been hacked and those that don't know it yet. Data security threats are multiplying every day.

Simple, Flexible, Affordable Data Security

You have come to the right place if you:

  • Want to improve your data security without spending a lot of money
  • Are located anywhere in the US or United Kingdom
  • Have been hacked and would like to avoid another incident
  • Could use help developing or reviewing a formal data security policy
  • Need a method to inventory your critical data and where its located
  • Are considering a detailed plan for threat assessments and active security testing
  • Are looking for vulnerability scanning and penetration testing to identify weaknesses and exposures
  • Would like to get your arms around the most critical risks and how to reduce them
  • Are considering moving your data and systems into the cloud
  • Want to reduce risks by providing Best Practices education for your end users
  • Want to know what modern tools and systems are available for protecting your data
  • Would like a brief “discovery” conversation to identify options
  • Just want to ask questions of a certified security expert

2/3 of cyber attacks are aimed at small business or departments

Free Check-Up

How well are you securing your vital data and systems now?


Security Policy

A comprehensive security policy provides an overall strategy.



All systems and devices have vulnerabilities. What are yours?


User Education

Build an understanding of concepts, risks, and best practices.


Five Questions

Answers to these questions will give you a basic foundation.



A good security testing plan will expose issues and problems.


Create Courses

Easily build online couses covering security or any other subject.


Best Practices

Simple data security best practices that provide basic guidance.


Your Choice: Design Your Own Defenses

Give us 15 minutes, and we'll give you options. Establish a flexible, common-sense security framework to protect your data and your business. It shows management that you are taking action to reduce risks. Identify and address your potential vulnerabilities before you experience a devastating data breach.

Take the first step and arrange your free, no-obligation, Confidential Security Assessment. Let's find your danger areas.

Interested in some simple Best Practices to keep your data and systems safe? Grab our summarized Seven Best Security Practices white paper. These are really common-sense.

Get a high-level idea of where you stand with our simple one-page Data Security Check Up Questionnaire

Your Formal Security Policy ...

Why do you need a documented, complete Data Security Policy?

  1. It reduces the chances of a data breach, system hack, or privacy violation by mandating better practices, processes, monitoring and user education.
  2. It demonstrates to management and stakeholders that you have taken action to protect vital data and enhance your system security.
  3. It provides a road map of what protections and technology are in place, and which could be considered as added security measures.

Security Managers and security planning.


  • The four types of cyber attacks, and how to defend yourself against each.
  • The single most likely root cause for successful attacks and data breaches.
  • Where you will get the most “bang for your buck” when making tough decisions about where to place your defensive resources.
  • The most common mistake a company makes when seeking better data protection and system security.
  • Which security measures constitute Good, Better, and Best as far as protection strategies.
  • Your data security concerns and experiences.

Security Managers and CISOs are just part of the picture.

What You Can Do Now

Security Managers and security planningcompleting a good course.

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