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Welcome to Flex Protection. We are the leading provider of free Cybersecurity tips, guidelines, sample policies, tools, and best practices. Our mission is to help organizations of all sizes better protect their critical data, without disrupting their operations.

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The Foundation Pack is a collection of operating tips and useful tools. Reduce your chances of experiencing a cyber incident.

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Data Defender

The Data Defender program begins with a simple question. What do we have to protect and how should we protect it?

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Cyber Risk Management

Managing cyber risks starts with identifying threats and countering them with common-sense measures to prevent attacks.

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High Level Assessment

We have things under control, but we would like to have an outside assessment. Please send us a short survey to start the process.

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Vulnerability Scan

I am not sure if our computers and networks are vulnerable. We could use a quick vulnerability scan to determine our current risks.

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Our Portfolio of Services and Tools

Security Measure Get Started
Data Defender Program
Much more than a simple data security starter kit, the Data Defender program provides basic cost-effective services and tools designed to improve your security posture. Upgrade your information security without breaking your budget.
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Risk Assistant Application
Identify threats and deploy corresponding defensive measures. Quantify and track your overall risk situation on an ongoing basis. Risks may be categorized as Technical, Physical, and Administrative.
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High-Level Assessment
A review of your current operations, infrastructure, data stores and defenses in place. Starting with a simple questionnaire. we look for danger spots and opportunities for improvement, without disrupting your business. The assessment can be as detailed or summarized as you need.
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User Security Awareness Training (SAT)
Security training for system users reduces the chances of a successful attack or security breach. A course for the non-technical. Includes basic concepts, password management, email risks, and encryption fundamentals.
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Cybersecurity Foundation Pack
Five easy first steps, best practices, guidelines and tips that will go a long way toward protecting your critical systems and data.
Free Written Information Security Policy
Utilize our flexible Information Security Policy for a high-level roadmap to a more secure environment. Use it as-is or customize it to more precisely match your operations, applications, technology, and business practices.

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Has your company been hacked yet? Today we all face a growing storm of external threats, cyber attacks, and potential information breaches. But now there is help. Our groundbreaking Defender program provides a broad but simple set of defensive measures that can keep your company from becoming a victim. Start moving toward a more secure, resilient operating environment today, without disrupting your business or your budget.

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